Invisible Ink

The music video, directed by Dave Meyers, was filmed on a pond surrounded by CGI factories and power plants near Orlando, Florida. The video starts out with Dave Matthews playing an acoustic guitar on a cloudy day on the dock of the pond. Right before the first chorus, an old man in a boat appears, as well as the rest of the band on the dock. The old man appears throughout the rest of the video.

Following the first chorus, a boy and girl sitting in the back of an old pickup truck (in the water) appear. The two appear to be dating, or in love. Also, a young woman in the water, played by actress Jaime Pressly, appears holding her baby. After the verse “We’re strange allies with warring hearts, what a wild-eyed beast you be,” the song enters the rising action stage. Things become a bit more intense, and the music becomes a faster more upbeat rhythm. Also, dancers in the waters appear.

After the verse “All we can do my love is hope we don’t take this ship down,” the music pauses. A few seconds later, Matthews resumes singing, and it begins to rain, yet the band plays on. The woman holding her baby brings it even closer to her, and the boy and girl in the pickup embrace. The rain gets harder and harder, and, at one point, the drums that Carter Beauford is playing starts gushing large amounts of water. After the verse “Love is all we need, dear” Beauford pounds on the drums for a second before stopping.

Following the stopping of the drums, the rain goes away, and again it’s just Matthews singing on the dock, this time it’s a clear night with a full moon. A woman approaches, and the music slowly fades out, while Matthews walks off with her.

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